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Research topics of the department:



Specialty "Chemical technologies and engineering"

1. Creation of technologies for the obtaining of pulps from wood and nonwood raw materials and its application in the compositions of paper and paperboard.
2. Study of environmentally friendly schemes for cellulose bleaching.
3. Improvement of existing and development of new methods for producing pulp appropriate for chemical processing.
4. Creation of new schemes for the production of micro-crystalline cellulose from non-wood raw materials to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.
5. Development of technologies for the production of nanomaterials based on plant raw material and its application in consumer products.
6. Creation of the technologies for physical and chemical modification of plant polymers surface.
7. Development of new technologies for the production of filter materials based on cellulose.
8. Development of technologies for the processing of waste from the consumption of packaging of composite materials of Tetra Pak type.